Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blog Telepathy

Have you ever thought of or spoken to someone about a friend and then shortly thereafter received a phone call or email from the friend you were just thinking/speaking/writing about? Have you thought about someone or something who you had not seen in a while or ever had thought about in the past and then somehow afterwards you continued to run into that same person or something?

As reported today by Reuters (, a scientist whose research is funded by Trinity College, Cambridge, says he has proof of this phenomenon, what he calls telephone telepathy. Rupert Sheldrake has said that he had conducted experiments that proved that such precognition existed for telephone calls and even e-mails. In his study, each person was asked to give names and phone numbers of four relatives or friends. These individuals were then called at random and told to call the subject who had to identify the caller before answering the phone. The hit rate was around 45%. The same result occurred via email.

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You cant make this stuff up


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