Friday, August 18, 2006

"War - what is it good for?" Absolutely nothing

For the last month, the world was entranced with the latest war in the Middle East between Israel and the Hezbollah. This war was initiated by Hezbollah when they captured two Israeli soldiers during an incursion into Israeli territory and subsequent firefight. For weeks both Israel with strong support from the US, rejected calls for immediate cease fires as cease fires are not possible when they are with terrorist organizations and Israel demanded the unconditional release of its soldiers before it would stop its efforts. Well, a month past by, with over 4,000 rockets fired into Israel, hundreds killed on both sides, thousands injured, billions in damage and then Israel decided it was time to give in. However, the cease fire was not contingent on the release of the kidnapped soldiers.

Someone please explain to me - why does Israel give into the pressure of countries who can not relate to Israel's political and geographical issues? Why is it that according to the secretary general of the UN, Israel can not defend itself from attacks unless it is in writing? Why are the IDF soldiers leaving Lebanon, if the UN and international force can not and is not expected to disarm Hezbollah? How can Egypt, a country supposedly at peace with Israel, suggest that another kidnapped soldier held in Gaza be transferred to Egypt until negotiations are complete to swap terrorists in jail for the one soldier?

I havent blogged in a while because I am so annoyed, frustrated, angry, disappointed, shocked . . . . at this whole war and its abrupt cease fire that it has been difficult to focus.

What are your thoughts?

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