Monday, July 31, 2006

"No Ice please. . . Ok that will be $1 sir"

Have you ever been to a bar or restaurant and order a drink with no ice?

Imagine its a Thursday night, the weekend is in sight, you are hanging out with friends drinking after work and when its quitting time you finally get a bill. You look at the bill and something doesnt look right. You probably are not too wasted because you have work the next day but for some reason you think you are being overcharged.

You ask the bartender: "Hey why am I being charged more for my drinks?"
and he replies "You ordered your drinks without ice"
You are about to pass out and its not because of the alcohol running through your veins.

Ok, so we are probably getting more used to getting passed the rising costs of gas/oil from our gas/electric company, water delivery service, garbage pickup etc. Recently, it has become a rising trend that customers are being charged for ordering drinks without ice! Everyone knows that the more ice there is in a drink, the less "real stuff" you are going to get but COME-ON!!!.

As reported in the USA today on 7/28 - "the extra charge for a drink served without ice is $1 is because "there's more liquor in it. It's not anything done for any kind of deceptive purposes. A martini glass needs to be full."

Personally, I think this is the lamest excuse that I have ever heard. Apparantly, bar and restaurant owners have found their R factor in our backpocket.

What is your opinion?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Blogger's Ethical Dillema: Blogging at work

Do you blog at work? While your co-workers go out to lunch, read the paper or surf the internet, do you spend your time reading other blogs or update your own?

A woman in the US did and got fired because she was blogging about her co-workers. In fact if you are fired for blogging at work, people would now say that you weren't fired but "dooced" - after the woman, Heather B. Armstrong, was fired for writing about her colleagues (see her blog at

Today the Associated Press reported that a woman in France was suing her employer for firing her for blogging at work. (see )

So what do you think, is blogging at work no different than surfing the interent, emailing your friends, using office supplies or your business phone for personal use?

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