Thursday, June 22, 2006

The "Toilet Specialist"

The world's most germaphobic and probably cleanest country, Singapore, has stepped up its campaign against filth and garbage. This campaign is not taking place on its streets but rather in its bathrooms, yes thats right, its bathrooms.

As reported by the Associated Press today, Singapore's National Trades Union Congress and the Singapore-based World Toilet College have created a training program to boost the status and skills of the city-state's toilet cleaners. The aim of the program is to boost the image and wages of professional toilet cleaners by training them to do more on the job. The World Toilet College is flying in three Japanese experts to teach the rigorous three day course. Completion of the course will guarantee the cleaners a pay raise and a new title, Toilet Specialist. As quoted in the article in Singapore's "Straits Times":

"Cleaners have low morale and low skills," the paper quoted Jack Sim, the World Toilet College's founder, as saying. "We want to professionalize them and teach them to be proud of their jobs."

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Ok here just a few things I have learned from this story or must comment on (after laughing for a good 5 minutes):

1. Japan is not only the world's super power in technology, but apparantly in toilet cleaning

2. I wonder what the World Toilet College's PR strategy is to attract good talented professionals - here is a suggestion - "We flush out our competition"

3. If word of this story gets out - it will no longer be politically correct to use the word janitor, house-keeper or cleaning lady. The new PC word will be "toilet specialist"

4. "Cleaners have low moral" - thats a shocker - I hope this college is for individuals looking for a second career and not a primary source of education.

The jokes are endless. I hope one of the late night comedies picks up this story.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

What this industry needs is a professional certification of some kind.

S.C.P. - Seat Cleansing Professional

At 3:53 PM, Blogger azanian said...

i live in singapore, and i must say that boosting morale of toilet cleaners should be the least of the nanny state's worries. they need to teach the population how to USE toilets.

people in singapore do not know how to flush toilets. people in singapore do not know how to accurately aim for the toilet bowl. toilets in singapore flush themselves. it's a case of the chicken and the egg.

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Where were these guys when I was in college.


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