Friday, June 16, 2006

Scariest man on TV

Who is the scariest man on TV these days?

1. Henry on "Lost"
2. Donald Trump on "The Apprentice"
3. Simon Cowell on "American Idol"
4. None of the above

The answer is 4. None of the above. That is because the scariest man on
TV today is this man:

(photo courtesy

Who is this man you ask?

It is Ronaldo Martinez.

Ronaldo appears on the latest anti-smoking commercials currently being aired in the New York City area. When Ronaldo appears on TV, viewers either close their eyes, cover their ears or turn the channel. Why you ask?

"I was 39 when I got throat cancer from smoking cigarettes," Martinez says in one commercial. "I almost died. Now there is a permanent hole in my throat." Martinez is shown in the shower with a white bib at his neck. He lifts it to reveal the gaping hole in his throat. He holds an electronic device up to his neck to speak in a weak, robotic monotone.
In another ad, Martinez walks along a pool deck watching children at play. "I never thought that anything could keep me from the water," he says. "Now I have to breathe through a hole in my throat. If water gets inside of me, it will drown me."

The commercials are very effective. Call volume is up at the NYC Health Department hotline (15,000 calls since January up from 5,000 for the same period from 2005)

In my humble opinion, its about time. The Ad Council is currently running a campaign against second hand smoke - here is an ad from their campaign:

(photo courtesy of the

A funny slogan and probably doing a good job spreading awareness of this serious issue. However, targeting the emotions and feelings of the smokers themselves and showing the "cause and effect" in such a graphic manner is, in my opinion, a stronger way to stop this horrible habit.

Ronaldo Martinez has found his "R Factor" - isnt it about time you found yours?

"The greatest form of charity is the gift of one's time"


At 5:36 PM, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

He looks from the picture like Lando Calrissian.

Where do you find such stuff?

It was Steve Martin who came up with the line when someone approached him:

"Excuse me, do you mind if I smoke"

Steve, "Not at all, Do you mind if I fart?"


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