Thursday, June 29, 2006

Football - a matter of life or death?

Its 3am and you are sleeping in bed. All of a sudden, you wake up and smell smoke. Your instincts kick in - oh my gosh, there's a fire! Whats the first thing you grab?

a) your kids
b) your coat
c) your wallet
d) none of the above

Well if your a "die"-hard Beijing soccer fan, the answer is none of the above. As reported on Reuters today: (see link -

"When the neighbors shouted 'fire!', I took my little baby and ran out in my nightclothes," the man's wife told the paper. "My husband paid no attention to the danger, just grabbed the television and put it under his arm. After getting out of the house, he then set about finding an electric socket to plug in and continue watching his game."

If only we had that much dedication to the more important things in our life


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